Shawnessy Station TOD

This Transit Oriented Development in the SE area of Calgary is adjacent to a Light Rail Station and has some significant site conditions that have informed its outcome. Surrounded on the north, east and west by major road infrastructure and to the south by an operating big box retailer, the site has only one entry creating a very insular development. Integration of public park space and the road network were essential to create a sense of place and orientation point for the development which would ultimately include 340 residential units, 39,158 square metres of office space and 7,645 square metres of commercial-retail space.

This small development has real impact on how the City of Calgary approaches TOD planning in the future. Working across departments to achieve a broader outcome has resulted in a land configuration that is pedestrian oriented in a very auto oriented environment, setting the stage for intensification to the south in the future.

Calgary Planning Commission unanimously approved this Outline Plan and Calgary City Council unanimously approved the land use amendment.

Construction begins 2015, completion in 5 years.

NOTE: the Outline Plan graphic was designed by IBI Group. All SketchUp Renderings are of my design.

  • Role File Manager – City of Calgary, Concept Design for the Park, Negotiations with departments
  • For City of Calgary (employer) Office of Land Service and Housing (Applicant)
  • Date September 2014
  • Type TOD, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Policy Planning, Zoning