South Shepard Industrial TOD

Typical Transit Oriented Developments evoke the image of mixed use high rises and walkable residential neighbourhoods surrounding a transit station or centre. Not all TODs are alike however. The South Shepard Industrial TOD located in the southeast quadrant of Calgary envisioned uses that can be accommodated today, while providing a framework for intensification in the future when the Southeast LRT line is constructed.

As project manager for the City of Calgary, Craig was responsible for managing the process of the application as well as educating City staff on the various forms of TOD could occur in the city. This education continued further with decision making bodies, clearly outline the constraints of the land, the acceptable uses on site and the framework of the plan area and how it can accommodate more intensive uses in the future when transit service begins. This education was crucial in the unanimous approvals this project received both at Calgary Planning Commission and Calgary City Council.

NOTE: Graphics prepared by others.

  • Role File Manager – City of Calgary
  • For City of Calgary (employer) – CivicWorks Planning (Applicant)
  • Date November 2014
  • Type TOD, Urban Planning, Policy Planning, Interdepartment Negotiation