Hines 500 Block

  • Role Project Manager
  • For Hines Canada
  • Date 2017
  • Type Inner City, Development Permitting, Urban Design, Urban Infill

Hines Canada is embarking on a strategic investment in Downtown Calgary with the creation of a two phase, high density 1,000-unit rental apartment complex in the city’s Beltline Neighbourhood. This project requires complex negotiation with the City of Calgary due the outcome desired – which is to close a public lane to create a comprehensive site at the edge of the city’s downtown. This campus strategy allows for a refined public realm that weaves throughout the site, offering pedestrians and cyclists additional paths to and from the downtown. Hines has engaged Craig’s inner city team to manage the land use redesignation, road closure and development permit process for phase 1. This work includes project team coordination, strategic alignment of work to City administration and presentation to approving bodies including the Urban Design Review Panel, Calgary Planning Commission and Calgary City Council.

Calgary Planning Commission unanimously approved the development permit in December 2017 – construction of Phase 1 began February 2018, with completion set 2020.

Calgary, Alberta