Church Street Bike Lane and Streetscape Project

The City of Evanston has embarked on a multi-year effort to connect the City’s two major North-South Bike paths together with a major East-West Connection. In 2012 the City will install the Eastbound segment of this project along Church Street. The path will consist of relocating on-street parking on the south side of Church street 7 feet away from the curb and a new delineated bike path will take its place.

In addtion, the City is replacing/redesigning plazas along the route. With this project the City is introducing a new pedestrian light fixture, bike shelters, benches, bike racks and trash cans that will all be complementary to each other. The re-design of the Church and Orrington Plaza is an effort to provide additional open space for cafes and also facilitate a location for the new bike shelter along the eastbound route. Construction scheduled to start June 2012.

  • For City of Evanston.
  • Type Streetscape, Urban Design, Plaza, Bike Path, Rain Garden

SW View of New Plaza

Area Plan

NW View of New Plaza

East View of New Plaza

Orrington Plaza

New Bike Rack Fixture

Protected Bike Lane

Urban Rain Garden