Evanston Plaza Redevelopment Concept

Built in the 1990s, Evanston Plaza is a dying strip mall development on the west side of Evanston, IL. This concept re-imagines Evanston Plaza as a new mixed use jobs center in the heart of west Evanston. Replacing the 150,000 sq. feet of retail would be a new office center on the southern portion of the site. A new 1 acre park would be the focal point of this new center, open to the public and the neighborhood surrounding the site. 425,000 sq. ft. of new Class A office space, with 180,000 sq. ft. of retail/commercial space and 225 multi-family residential units would occupy the space of the former strip mall, creating a new urban center in Evanston. This site would also include an actual plaza on the corner of Dempster and Dodge, creating a gathering space that is lacking in the community currently.

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  • Type Urban Regeneration, Site Design, Mixed Use Development
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Evanston Plaza Concept Plan

Evanston Plaza Redevelopment Axon View

Park View looking North to new residential development.