Chicago Dragons Rugby Football Club

As a member of the Chicago Dragons Rugby Football Club from 2007 to 2014, Craig applied various skills to the club’s organization and function. From graphic design to leadership roles, Craig helped bring brand recognition as well as team management into a sustaining enterprise for the club that still thrives today.

This portfolio of work includes new marketing efforts and a signature look to the club’s design. Our original logo created in 2003 is used extensively in our ad campaigns. The Blue, Red and White are the official colors of the City of Chicago’s Flag. The Four Stars demarcate four significant events in the City’s history. The second being the Great Chicago Fire. Using this as a foundation, Craig created a motif on t-shirts, digital media and print ads that have surpassed the team crest in brand recognition.

In 2014 Chicago bid after the Bingham Cup – the International Gay Rugby tournament held every two years attracting thousands of rugby players and fans from around the world. Craig chaired the bid committee and lead creative design for the overall brand and messaging. The loss of this bid was close, however the experience of connecting our club to City organizations and developing a global recognition of our club were great opportunities to further strengthen the club’s standings within Chicago.

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"Chicago Flag" motif