Evanston WestEnd Signage Concept Plan

Evanston WestEnd is the result of a branding/visioning project with an emerging business district located on the west side of Evanston. Historically this area of the city has been light to heavy industrial, but as time has progressed the heavier industrial uses have given way to a more eclectic variety of business uses. From the creation of a logo and branding identity to the concept design of monument and entry marker signage, the City of Evanston staff worked closely with business owners to craft a brand that was unique to their business district and evoked the ever changing dynamics of their district.

Logo Design and District Branding Description:
Orientation is the driving theme of the brand Evanston WestEnd. It is not only what many Evanston residents have identified with this general area of the city, but it also gives a visual presence to this district. As true when this area of the city was settled and just as true today, the notion of westward expansion is ingrained in the psyche of American culture. This notion of the “West” brings to mind of new beginnings, innovative ideas, entrepreneurial can-do and the pioneer mindset to bring about a better future. Thus utilizing a compass, Blue to represent the proximity to Lake Michigan, Green to signify Evanston’s ever aspiring sustainable futures and highlighting the western cardinal direction of the compass points to Evanston WestEnd. Its numerous directional indicators represent the multiple types of businesses in the WestEnd and the infinite possibilities that exist in their successes. A sans serif font, highlighting the word “West” and joining together with the word “end” provide a modern touch to compliment the old world form of the compass. Including the city of Evanston as part of the logo was just as important. The business community recognizes that the unique nature of Evanston is very much a selling point to businesses and customers that visit their district. We want the logo to be able to stand on its own, and the first time viewer of the logo to immediately understand;

(1) the general geographical location of the business district; and

(2) that there is something more to the district than first meets the eye.

This logo along with the graphic look and layout will be used not only in the new district signage, but it will be part of an overall marketing campaign promoting the businesses and business opportunities of Evanston WestEnd.

Evanston WestEnd Business District Logo

Concept Monument Sign

Directional Monuments

Sign Plan

Enahnced Gateway Monuments