Boulder Transit Village Area Plan

The Boulder Transit Village Area Plan was meant to reexamine the area plan of a 160 acre site to meet all previously developed goals and visions. Involvement in this project included working with the City through a public community process to create a framework plan addressing key site issues. The framework plan explored three options to include economic, social, and sustainable benefits. A preferred development plan was adopted and development of the Bus Rapid Transit station and basic road infrastructure is under construction.

All boards were designed using a mix of Adobe Products. Hand drawn maps were scanned and overlaid onto aerials and colored in Photoshop. Final boards were created in InDesign. The Framework Plan was created in Illustrator.

The Bones: A Conceptual Framework was developed early on in the project to help shape the concepts. The general public, stakeholders and the client voted unanimously that the bones were the basic ideas everyone wanted to see in the project. This helped move the project forward.